Financial forecasting

We began with a list of key stakeholders who shape the US Healthcare System consumers; and public policy makers We ended with an assessment of likely effects of changes in our health system on each of these stakeholders These stakeholders all play a part and what will happen and how it will happen One of the most important requirements for an improved Health System, however, is a Cadre of motivated, well trained, golf leaders working throughout the health system previously we touched based on how good leadership is develop and emphasize two important traits of effective leaders and that is a they are transparent and be they hold themselves accountable Leaders with these attributes are needed at the policy level and at the private sector corporate level They are needed to organize the voices of consumers Perhaps most importantly, leaders are needed throughout our Health Care Service delivery system in our Public Health System Improvements come from hard work and coordination of many individuals and knowledge and motivation The readers of this book who are preparing for careers in the world of Health Care should be prepared for an exciting error of innovation and change in our health system You should lead as health professionals, as consumers and patience, and as payers of healthcare The system will not improve without such leadership and energy that comes from it

1 Why is it difficult to forecast the future of healthcare delivery in the United States?

2 Analyzer forecast about health care delivery Do you agree or disagree with the forecast and why?

3 What forces do you think will drive the health care delivery system over the next four years?


Part 2


Discuss what would have to take place in the United States for passage of either a single-payer system or budget caps in total payments to Providers under the Medicare program Address questions such as the following:


1 How would political ideology affect such a consideration?

2 How will out of pocket cost effects such a possible change?

3 What would be the transition challenges of making such a change?


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