You will receive $100 from a zero-coupon savings bond in 2years. The nominal interest rate is 8.70%.

a. What is the present value of the proceeds from the bond?

b. If the inflation rate over the next few years is expected tobe 3.70%, what will the real value of the $100 payoff be in termsof today’s dollars?

c. What is the real interest rate? . . .

In 2016 Joshua gave $13700, worth of Microsoft stock to his son. In 2017, the Microsoft shares were worth $28500.

What wad the gift tax in 2016?the gift tax exemption 2016 was the same as in 2017.

Which of these best explain why a marketer cares about breakeven?

Question 3 options:

based on research, the marketing manager knows how many units she can sell
based on that same research the marketing manager knows the price tolerance of the target consumer
the production manager has told the marketing manager how much each unit will cost to manufacture
accounting has told her what their fixed costs will be for the year
the marketing manager combines all these factors to make a go/no go decision


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