1.       Enumerate responsibilities of financial manager.

2.       “Financial management is more than procurement of funds.” What do you think are the responsibilities of a finance manager?

3.       What is value maximisation objective of the firm? Explain the role of various finance functions in achieving this objective.

4.       (a)How should the finance function of an enterprise be organised?   (b) Explain the functions of financial manager.   (c) Explain the concept of profit maximisation and wealth maximisation. Which of these, do you think, is a better operational guide for a finance manager.

5.       (a)Explain the nature of financial statement.   (b) Explain the steps a firm should take for wealth maximisation.   (c) Explain the objectives of financial management.   (d) Explain the traditional approach of financial management.

A.  In an earn out structure, the private equity investor identifies certain milestones for the company, which if reached will result in the top management team being given an increase in their salaries coupled with handsome bonus payouts.

(a) Yes                 (b) No

B. A company’s pre-money value is determined by the number of outstanding shares (pre-issue) while the  post-money value is determined by the number of shares outstanding (post-issue).

(a) True       (b) False


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