Ziggy Inc., has sales of $817,000 costs of $343,000, depreciation expense of $51,000, interest expense of $38,000 and tax rate of 35%.

What is the net income of the firm? Suppose the firm paid out $95,000 in cash dividends.

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What is the addition to retained earnings? Suppose the firm had 90,000 shares of common stock outstanding.

What is the earnings per share? What is the dividends per share figure?

Discuss the five (5) principal functions of a modern and efficient stock exchange, which most developed or developing countries seek to establish? (7 marks. Word limit Maximum 500 words)

Question 2 (7 marks) Within the context of services provided by a stockbroker, discuss the two (2) main types of stockbrokers that an investor may choose to use. In your response, differentiate between the services provided by these two (2) types of stockbrokers.

Why it is important for all departments of an organization, marketing , accounting , finance , operation , management , human resources, and so on to “think consumer”

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