Use the Financial information is presented below to determine the Gross Profit:

Operating expenses $ 40,000
Sales revenue 200,000
Cost of goods sold 150,000

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a. $160,000.
b. $ 40,000.
c. $ 50,000.
d. $ 10,000.

Wendy has $8,000.00 invested in a bank that pays 13.75% annually. How long will it take for her funds to triple?

Round your answer to two decimal places. For example, if your answer is $345.667 round as 345.67 and if your answer is .05718 or 5.718% round as 5.72.

A. 8.53 years

B. 6.48 years

C. 8.36 years

D. 7.50 years

E. 10.66 years

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