Facial recognition Security Architecture

Recently, facial recognition has been touted as a possible method for, say, identifying terrorists in airports. As mentioned in the text, facial recognition is used by Las Vegas casinos in an attempt to detect cheaters. Note that in both of these cases the biometrie is being used for identification (not authentication), presumably with uncooperative subjects.

a. Discuss an attack on facial recognition when used by a casino to detect cheaters.

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Facial recognition Security Architecture
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b. Discuss a countermeasure that casinos might employ to reduce the effectiveness of your attack in part a.

c. Discuss a counter-countermeasure that attackers might employ to reduce the effectiveness of your countermeasure in b.

In one episode of the television show MythBusters, three successful attacks on fingerprint biometrics are demonstrated [213].

a. Briefly discuss each of these attacks.

b. Discuss possible countermeasures for each of the attacks in part a. That is, discuss ways that the biometric systems could be made more robust against the specific attacks.

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