Explain the Confucian conception of international politics.

Seven Core Confucian Concepts

Read the book (An Introduction to Confucianism)Choose only one of the following questions. All questions draw on lecture materials, and one on Yao. Do not use outside sources.

1. explain seven core Confucian concepts

2. explain the paradox of proper order

3. explain the Confucian conception of international politics.

about 7 pages, double space.

Hi, this the book that you need to read, you dont need to read the whole, you can just read the part that you needed

Below is the the file of the lecture notes. for this essay you need to cite THREE citations from the book, and THREE citations from the lecture notes.

For the citation you need to add in-text citation, such as (author, page#).

For the citation of the lecture notes, please add (date of the lecture) for example.

please DO NOT use outside source. ONLY use source from the book and lecture.

MLA format, please out works cited page.

cloud you put a small title for each concepts?


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