Event or Media analysis


1. Carefully watch the event or film or read the article. Take notes if you can. For a live event, if you can’t take notes during the event, write down everything you can recall as soon as possible after the event. What you recall, and what thoughts or feelings you had.

2. Provide the following information in your paper: title, what it is (live event or type of media), where it took place (on-or off-campus, viewed online), date of event, date of publication or production (when it took place or was written), name of author, presenter, director.

2. Describe what you are writing about. Summarize what it’s about.

3. What concepts from the course do you think relate to this event, article, video, podcast, blog post?

4. Explain your opinion. What evidence supports your view that it is related to the course? If there isn’t enough evidence to be convincing you or someone else, what would? If there is research cited or referred to, investigate some of it to find out if it is legitimate.

5. Is there a point of view that you can detect? What does it seem to be? Who seems to be making it? For example, what perspective, emotion, or thought does the film maker, author, speaker, want you to have?

6. Turn in your critique with a copy of the article or a link to the video, podcast, or event.


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