End of Semester Lab Reflection

Throughout this semester in the Biol 11 labs, you’ve learned about how we can apply biology to address many different issues in our communities. As a reminder, these topics/labs include:

Crime Scene Investigation


For this assignment, select one of the above topics and write an essay reflecting upon how you can apply the biology content in your everyday life. In your essay, be sure to include some concrete information about the biology that was covered in the course, explaining why this information is relevant and/or useful to you. Make your essay personal!

In this order you will going to write about Crime Scene Investigation. That is on the file that I upload.


In lab, we learned that excess nitrogen can cause autotrophs to grow faster than the heterotrophs can consume them. As a result, the food web is out of balance and the autotrophs may form an algal bloom. In my own life, this information can be used to avoid swimming in lakes where an algal bloom has occurred because the toxins produced by the algae can be harmful to my health.


Your essay should be two paragraphs or roughly 200-300 words. You do not need to cite the textbook or other class materials; however, if you decide to use any outside sources (e.g., websites, primary articles), you should cite them at the end of the essay. References are not included in the word count


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