Case 1:

Student: Joshua

Age: 9

Grade: 4th


Joshua attends a K-8 urban school and is in the fourth grade. He is very interested in insects and likes to study them whenever they are in view. He lives at home with his mother and 14-year-old sister. He struggles particularly with reading and has a hard time recognizing sight words quickly and accurately. Joshua has mastered all of pre-primer, primer, and first-grade sight words, reading them quickly. When encountering sight-words at the second-grade level and beyond, he exhibits difficulty. He is able to decode unfamiliar words and is able to comprehend what he reads. The lack of recognition of sight words makes Joshua’s reading choppy. Joshua’s special education and general education teachers describe him as hard-working, but is one to get frustrated and give up. He is embarrassed by his struggle to read fluently, but continues to show great interest in conquering his sight-word recognition. In a phone call with Joshua’s mother, she indicated a strong desire to help him, but she works two jobs during the week, making it more difficult. However, she said she is usually available on weekends, and his sister is home with him during the week.


Using 2-3 academic resources, complete an Early Reading Plan for Joshua that is 500-750-words and includes the following:

  1. Joshua’s areas of strengths and areas needing intervention.
  2. Three academic goals for Joshua that are detailed and measurable.
  3. For each stated goal, describe a strategy to implement with a rationale that explains how the strategy is designed to help Joshua achieve that goal. Be sure goals and strategies describe collaboration and are appropriate for different learning experiences across different subject matters.  Cite two to three research sources that support your decision-making.
  4. For one of the stated goals, identify and describe one independent practice activity that Joshua’s family can useat home to support him and his goals.
  5. How Joshua’s progress on each goal will be assessed, including timeframes and tools.


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