E-invoices and e-payments

1.What is EIPP? How does it improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the AP/CD process?

2.What are the two operations process (effectiveness) goals of the AP/CD process? Provide an example illustrating each goal.

3.What characterizes a valid vendor invoice input?

What characterizes a valid payment input?

4.What are the key control plans associated with the AP/CD process? Describe how each works and what it accomplishes.

1.Describe how the processing of noninvoiced disbursements is handled in (a) a “true” voucher system and (b) a nonvoucher system.

2.What data are contained in the purchasing events data, the accounts payable master data, and the cash disbursements event data?

3.What are e-invoices and e-payments?

4.How does EDI improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the AP/CD process?


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