Draw a use case diagram for the system

Objective: The objective of this assignment is to write use cases and to draw a use case diagram. Assignment Specification: Create a set of use cases for the following streaming service (offer a wide variety of TV-shows, movies, dramas, documentaries for their members) membership system. Members join the system by registering online (username (email), password, address, phone no) and including a credit card to pay the membership fees. Most memberships are for one year, but memberships as short as two months are available. Throughout the year, the streaming service offers various discounts on its regular membership prices (e.g., two memberships for the price of one for Christmas). It is common for members to pay different amounts for the same length of membership. The service sends out reminder emails to members asking them to renew their memberships one month before their memberships expire. Some members have become angry when asked to renew at a much higher rate than their original membership contract. That is why the organization wants to track the price paid so that the manager can override the regular prices with special prices when members are asked to renew. The system must track these new prices so that renewals can be processed accurately. The manager wants the system to track each time a member visits the site. The system will then identify the heavy users and generate a report so that the manager can ask them to renew their memberships early, perhaps offering them a reduced rate for early renewal. Likewise, the system should identify members who have not visited the site in more than a month so that the manager can email them and attempt to re-interest them in the service.

Perform the following tasks:

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Draw a use case diagram for the system
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1. Identify and list actors and use cases. For example, here is one use case for you in advance: (1) maintain service usage records. You should identify and list all other relevant use cases. For the “maintain service usage records” use case, create a brief use case description. (10 points)

2. Now, write an expanded (in fully-dressed format) use case description for the “maintain service usage records” use case. While doing this, be sure to account for the possibility of the alternative scenario (if there is any). (20 points)

3. Draw a use case diagram for the system, considering all of the actors and use cases you identified in Step 1 with relationships (generalizations, extends , and include relationships), if exists. (20 points)

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