Draw a picture, or diagram, to show the processes and information flows present in the narrative.

Individual One of the most important concepts in systems theory is to be able to separate a reporting logical system from a physical system. For example, computer software (the activity instructions that operate a physical system) is defined in abstract terms like mathematics. Likewise, systems must be reduced from the physical to the logical. It is important that the logical processes are thought about and not the physical environment in which those logical processes operate. The following is a physical and logical description of a business system known as ‘sales order processing’: Stephanie Holloway receives a pile of sales orders each morning and sorts them into different areas before passing them to Hugh. Hugh then sorts the orders alphabetically and passes each group to one of the order processors. Each order processor takes an order and looks at the name in the electronic customer register and then inputs the customer number into the computer-based system. The computerized system tells the order processors if the customer is cleared to receive goods. If clear, then the product number is checked and entered into the computerized system, along with the quantity of the order. Once this is done the next order is processed.

1 Draw a picture, or diagram, to show the processes and information flows present in the above narrative. 2 Separate out the physical scenario from the logical scenario and sketch a diagram showing the logical system. 3 Isolate all the logical components of the system and attach a logical verb description of each process or activity


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