Drama Analysis Essay

I have provided a screenshot of what the play that you will be watching and analyzing looks like, you will be able to find it on hulu if you have a subscription if not you can do the free one month trail to watch it and just cancel the subscription after. I have also provided the two resources that you will be using to do intext citations. I have also attached the word document all set up that you will be writing the essay on with the works cited page at the end filled out for you. All you need to do is cite each at least once throughout the essay.

The purpose of this essay is to explore a dramatic work in relation to its cultural background (history and culture of the time it was written).

Think about how the time period affects the contents and attitudes presented in the work.

Construct your thesis around the impact of culture on the play or perhaps what the playwright was attempting to capture about it in his or her work.

You must use MLA style for all formatting and citations. Please make sure to cite all outside resources.

sources, you may or may not find sources specific to your chosen play. At times, you may need to look for criticism or articles on drama or history in general.

Remember: Summary and Analysis are two different things. Don’t confuse the two for this essay. Summary is a tool that will help you in the Analysis. Do not retell the entire play.


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