Do you agree with the court’s ruling?

Question 1

Review the case example of Smith v. Johnson and Johnson on page 423. Do you agree with the court’s ruling? Do you feel it is unfair to exempt certain employees to deprive them of overtime wages? Why or why not?

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Do you agree with the court’s ruling?
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Question 2

o Prompt: What is the “employment-at-will” doctrine? What are the exceptions to this doctrine?

o Requirements: 250 words minimum for each question

Unit 6 Reading Assignment

  • Case Example 22.4 Patty Lee Smith was a pharmaceutical sales representative at Johnson and Johnson (J&J). She traveled to ten physicians’ offices a day to promote the benefits of J&J’s drugs. Smith’s work was unsupervised, she controlled her own schedule, and she received a salary of $66,000. When she filed a claim for overtime pay, the court held that she was an administrative employee and therefore exempt from the FLSA’s overtime provisions.

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