Discuss the years in business, management team, growth rates, sales history, royalty structure and any other relevant information.

Franchise Investigation:

During the week that you are discussing the franchise you also must complete a formal written franchise investigation

assignment. The final assignment should be 7 to 10 pages and make use of point form, white space and headers. For the

Franchise Investigation do the following:

1. Select and identify a specific geographic area in which you are considering opening a franchise. Be sure to include a

description of the area in the assignment. You should discuss demographic information such as the population size,

traits, geographic location and so forth.

2. Select a franchise to investigate. As previously mentioned the franchise cannot be operating in that area at the time of

the investigation. Chances are you will be investigating a new or growing franchise.

3. Introduce the franchise, the marketing mix, target market and key success factors. Be sure to discuss why the

franchisor thinks people should invest in the franchise and consumers will want to purchase the product.

4. Discuss the years in business, management team, growth rates, sales history, royalty structure and any other relevant


5. Complete a Strengths, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats (SWOT) assessment for the franchise.

6. Identify and discuss the major competitors in the region.

7. After completing the investigation, students will complete a recommendation with justification whether the franchise

will be successful in the geographical area.

Finally, at the end of the module, students will also be required to post in the discussion board, the name of the

franchise they evaluated at length and their recommendation. Please note the recommendation can be cut and pasted

from the assignment.


Historically, there have always been students who ask the instructor ‘Where do I get this information?’. To avoid this, I am going

to offer the following: Pretend this is a job assignment for which you have been given clear instructions and it is up to you to

find the information yourself. If I was a student, I would start with Google, I would discuss it with my peers and/or family, I

would contact companies through their websites/email, and I would make sure to read online articles and visit popular

franchise opportunity websites/blogs. That is what I would do. You may choose to find this information another way and I

will leave it to you to determine the best method to complete the assignment.

1.5 times line spacing

Note: I think you should know Tim Hortons. This is a Canadian coffee shop company. I want to open a Tim Hortons in Beijing, the capital of China. Please analyze this case.


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