Dietary services

Presume you are the quality manager in a hospital that conducted an improvement project to eliminate pulmonary complications in patients who develop dysphagia following a stroke. This project was done because the Medical staff found that 45% of patients hospitalized following a cerebral vascular accident had some degree of dysphagia and 10% of these patients developed pulmonary complications due to aspiration period a team of physicians, nurses comma and physical therapist was convened to study the problem and implement changes for the purpose of eliminating all pulmonary complications for patients with dysphagia following a stroke period after studying how patients were being managed comma the team agreed that improving the completeness and timeliness of nursing assessments and interventions would reduce pulmonary complications for patients who have strokes and secondary dysphagia.

To achieve the goal of zero pulmonary complications in patients with dysphagia following a stroke, nurses caring for patients in the intensive care unit and on the medical Ward and dieticians received in service training in the following areas:
· how to conduct a completeand accurate assessment of patients to identify signs and symptoms of dysphagia
· the importance of assessing stroke patients for gag reflex and swallowing an admission
· the importance of promptly notifying the patients attending physician within 2 hours if dysphagia signs or symptoms are identified
· the importance of promptly notifying dietary services within 2 hours if dysphagia signs or symptoms are identified so the patient can be put on a special diet and nutritional assessment conducted
1. Identify 4 process measures in one outcome measures that could be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the actions taken to reduce pulmonary complications in the target population.


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