Develop strategies to enhance Learning & Development in organisations.


This task concerns the broad theories and processes relating to strategic Human Resource Development (HRD).
Write an essay in which you address the following:

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Develop strategies to enhance Learning & Development in organisations.
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Task One

Beevers, Rea et al (2020) writing in ‘Learning & Development in the Workplace’ (Chap 3) suggest that there are different approaches an HRD practitioner can take when identifying Learning & Development needs. Some of these, so it is suggested by these authors and others in the wider literature, may be organisationally dependent in some way. Using a range of opinions and perspectives, explain and analyse these broad L&D needs identification approaches. Using two real organisations as examples, illustrate how this might affect effectiveness and impact, drawing out the relative strengths and weaknesses of organisational outcomes linked to different approaches. (90 Marks)

Task Two

Use correct academic writing technique including effective structure, grammar, spelling, use of in-text citations, and a full reference list, all of which should use the Harvard Referencing convention. (10 Marks)
Note: The vast majority of work should demonstrate your own original thinking, with data, quotes, paraphrased opinions, and other evidence used, where appropriate, to evidence and support your own, original debate.
Note: There is no need for an executive summary, table of contents, or appendices. You must not use diagrams or tables as part of your answer.


Task one:

• Knowledge and understanding through developing instruments of measuring and monitoring Learning and Development. • Analyse and evaluate how Human Resource Development can develop strategies to enhance Learning & Development in organisations.
• The role and influence of different levels of L&D need identification giving rise to organisational support or resistance and the reasons for it. • Be critical and analytical – support your arguments with differing points of view including your own. Express them as such.
• The impact upon overall L&D effectiveness and possible outcomes • Differentiation between reactive and proactive approaches • Links with wider L&D activities that come either before or aft

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