Develop a Gantt Chart

Activity 11.Develop a Gantt Chart, using Microsoft Project, for the WBS you created for the alternative solution you selected as best.

A discussion of Gantt charts and an illustration of a Gantt chart generated using Microsoft Project are provided at The illustration is similar to what you will produce for your Activity 11. It illustrates the level of detail appropriate for the Gantt chart you prepare for your project. Submit your Gantt chart as an .mpp file (a file produced by Microsoft project.).

Activity 12.Prepare the Performance Requirements Summary for your recommended solution. Use the PRS template in the IT Economics document (see link below) titled “Performance Work Statements.” This statement will be the heart of your request for proposal, assuming you will prepare and distribute one to solicit proposals. (You will not be asked to prepare an RFP in this course.)

The IT Economics Template 12 for a Performance Requirements Summary is provided atIT Economics Corporation.Note:The Template material describes how the PWS and the WBS are related to each other and how they should be cross-referenced. You are not required to cross-reference them for your individual project

Your Activity 12 assignment (as described above) asks you to use the IT Economic Corporation’s Template 12 for documenting your PRS. This template has many similarities with the template used in the attached document titled, “Performance Work Statement for Integration Services,” dated May 10, 2006. (The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is the managing partner for, a computerized system for finding and applying for federal government grants.) Overall, section 4 of the “Grants” document is a good quality draft of a performance work statement.

Every PWS (and its PRS) is expected to include “Acceptable Quality Levels,” or AQLs. The preparers of the Grants document did gather the AQL information. However, as illustrated on page 5 of their document, they did not include it in their template but decided to explain the AQL requirements in a narrative in sections 11 and 12 of the document. In writing the RFP, separate sections can be devoted to topics like AQL if it will help to clearly communicate the results required.

The IT Economics Corporation’s Template 12 is intended to summarize information gathered for the PWS/PRS and it includes AQL as a section of the template.


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