Develop a behavioral contract

Bill and Ruth both worked full-time and both shared household responsibilities and childraising duties. The problem they encountered is that Bill often failed to complete his weekend chores. His chores consisted of sweeping and mopping the kitchen and bathroom floors, vacuuming the carpets in the house, and cleaning the kitchen. When the weekend came around, Bill often occupied his time on his computer, playing golf, watching football, baseball, or basketball games, and playing with the kids. As a result, his chores went undone or Ruth did them for him. Bill stated that he wanted to get his chores done, but something else always came up. He agreed with Ruth that it was important to share the responsibility and do his chores, so he agreed to develop a behavioral contract with her to make it more likely that he would do his chores each week.

Provide an example of the behavioral contract that Bill might develop with Ruth to make it more likely that he would do his chores.


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