Determine if the research article would be useful for their EBP Change Proposal

Dealing with Health Care-Associated Infections

Critique a quantitative or qualitative research article by following a critique guide

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Determine if the research article would be useful for their EBP Change Proposal
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Critique a quantitative or qualitative research article by following a critique guide; create an APA formatted individual paper summarizing critique findings. Determine if the research article would be useful for their EBP Change Proposal

Topics: Critiquing evidence for an EBP Change Proposal.

My PICOT statement is: Healthcare workers (P) hand hygiene and proper wearing and disposal of PPEs (I) as opposed to no Intervention (C) reduces prevalence for hospital-acquired infections (O) in 6 months(T).

  • Choose a Qualitative or Quantitative Research Article from the PICOT search that you have been doing in the first few weeks of class. It must be from a scholarly peer reviewed nursing journal. Use the critiquing chart that corresponds to your article (quantitative or qualitative). Ask for help if you are unsure about the choice of article or the correct critiquing chart to use.
  • Complete the corresponding Critique Guide for either quantitative or qualitative research study
  • Then use your completed chart to help you compose a scholarly paper (approximately 3-5 pages excluding title and reference page) in APA Format.


  • Begin with CINAHL (use advance search options for full text resources) Look in others such as (, Cochrane, Medline, Embase, Cochrane.
  • Search options are limited to the above mentioned References/sites only
  • Must be written using correct grammar, and college level English
  • Must have Knowledge of the question
  • Must complete the corresponding Critique Guide
  • 7th edition APA format
  • At least 4 references

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