Define probation and parole

Part I: Define intermediate sanctions and briefly discuss the effectiveness of each sanction listed below.

Intensive probation supervision, house arrest, electronic monitoring, Restitution orders, fines, and community service.

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Define probation and parole
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Part II: Define probation and parole separately. How do probation and parole differ? How are they alike?

Part III: What are some of the challenges that an ex-convict face after their release from incarceration? Should defendants be able to automatically assume their previous life’s freedom once they complete their sentence? Should they be able to vote, assume food stamp programs, etc? Is it a violation of their basic freedom for ex-convicts not to be allowed to vote? Once their sentence is served, should they continue to be “sentenced” to a life of inequality? Why or why not? This is especially true with sex offenders who are forced to register on sex offender registries for the rest of their lives, much longer than their original sentence? Are sex offender registries legitimate?

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