Data Structures

Coding Systems – Answer each of the questions:

1. What is medical coding and what is it used for?

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Data Structures
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2. What coding systems are used in the United States?

3. How did changes to the ICD-9 over the years reflect events?

4. What is ICD-10 and why was it mandated to use it?


Using the Sequence interface functions, describe a recursive function for determining if a sequence S of n integer objects contains a given integer k .Your functionshould not contain any loops. How much space does your function use in addition to the space used for S?

Implement the following specification for an integer function inthe client program that returns the number of items in a queue. Thequeue is unchanged.

int Length(QueType queue)

Function: Determines the number of items in the queue.
Precondition: queue has been initialized.
Postconditions: queue is unchanged
Function value = number ofitems in queue

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