Criminal law

1. Examine the local papers. Have there been reports of defendants’ committing crimes while out on bail? Have there been reports of poor conditions in the local jail?

How might these reports affect bail setting?

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Criminal law
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2. Do you know of any local crimes that fit the celebrated cases category of the criminal justice wedding cake?

Why did these cases receive such attention? Are they similar to or different from cases that receive extensive coverage in the media?

1. How long can an arrested person be held before being brought before a neutral judicial official? Do you think it was proper for the Court to take into account law in action factors such as case volume in deciding County of Riverside v. McLaughlin (1991)?

2.  In your community, at what stage does case attrition occur? Do you detect any public displeasure with how the process currently operates?

1.  If you were the prosecutor, what arguments would you make to the police chief(s) regarding a policy of careful screening of cases soon after arrest? Conversely, what arguments do you think law enforcement officials would make?

2.  In what ways do crime control model advocates approach bail differently than do backers of due process model values?

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