Criminal law

1.  Place yourself in the position of a felony court prosecutor. In what ways does the cooperation of other members of the courtroom work group work to your benefit? How would your answer be different if you approached the question from the vantage point of the judge or the defense attorney?

2.  Contrast differing understandings of why delay is a problem in the courts.

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Criminal law
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1.  Compare the steps of the adult court process with the steps of juvenile court. In what ways are they similar? In what ways are they different?

2.  What do you think juvenile courts will look like 100 years from now? Will they incorporate more adult due process? Will they stress more adult penalties? Or will they develop more innovative helping programs?

1.  Explain why law in action approaches to court delay are more effective than law on the books approaches.

2.  Take a tour of your local courthouse. How does your perception of it match the description at the beginning of this chapter? Compare notes with other classmates; perhaps they focused on features that you did not

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