Create an employment Portfolio

You will create an employment portfolio which will include:
• Employment Advertisement as a company would advertise an open position (10 pts)
◦ You can research an employee ad online or make up one of your own based on what you research (be appropriately and professionally creative if you choose to create one)
• Cover page and Cover Letter- as if you were applying for the open position (10pts)
◦ Create a cover letter as if you were applying for the job listed in the ad above
• Resume suitable for the open position or a professional business position (10 pts)
◦ Create or use a resume which would be suitable for the position in the employee ad above
• Thank you letter –written after interviewing for a position (10 pts)
◦ Write a thank you letter based on an interview for that position
• Follow up letter-written after a company meeting (10 pts)
◦ Complete a follow up letter one week later addressed to your instructor for the position you interviewed above. Consider me to be the interviewer.
• Interdepartmental Email with a business message (10 pts)
◦ You are now an employee- write an interdepartmental email-going to several departments regarding an issue within the organization
• Company Memo based on what you learned this semester (10 pts)
◦ Write a company memo going out to the entire company (i.e. a company wide event taking place or a product launch)
• Professional Blog-one page (10 pts)
◦ You have been put in charge of the company blog- create a blog page for the company you are working for (in place, you may use a blog you find online-be able to explain it to your instructor and discussion group)
• Company Proposal 2-3 pgs. based on what you learned this semester (20 pts)
◦ You may create a 2-3 page proposal based on an idea for your company or base it on what you learned throughout this semester.


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