Create a Crisis Management Plan.

This week, your assignment is to create a crisis management plan for either your organization or for Dalton, Walton, and Carlton, Inc. When constructing your plan, think about what needs to be done to protect employees, equipment, and the facilities during a crisis.  You should start by defining what is a crisis and what types of events would be covered by your plan.  Use the reading to guide you.  Write this as if you were going to give it to management to use.


ATLEAST USE 2 REFERNCES (BELOW) and 2 outside references ….ALTOGETHER 4 references needed for this assignment


  • Security Trends

o    ASIS Research ProjectsSecurity Performance Metrics, June 2014

o    Google Search on “Security Trends”:

Security Leadership

o    Security Magazine articles on Leadership and Management:

o    Dave Elfering Orthosec blog:

Workplace Violence

o    DHS Active Shooter Presentation Slides

o    DHS Active Shooter Fact Sheet

o    Ready Houston: Run Hide Fight!

o    OSHA Safety & Health Topics

Crisis Management

o    Bernstein Crisis Management, IncCrisis Management Newsletter

o    All About Crisis Management:


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