Corporate finance

A company is expected to have a free cash flow of $400,000 next year. Cash flows are expected to grow at 11% per year for the next four years (years 2-5). After year 5, the free cash flow is projected to grow at 2% indefinitely. The firm currently has $1 million in debt, 200,000 shares outstanding, and a WACC of 9.5%. What is the value of the firm?
What is the price per share of the company’s stock?
How do you calculate in excel?

At the end of the year, Balboa had the following actual costs for production of 4,700 units:

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Corporate finance
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Direct materials $18,320
Direct labor 42,400
VOH 7,900
Materials handling 8,800
Depreciation 4,350


1. Calculate the budgeted amounts for each cost category listed above for the 4,500 budgeted units.

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