Corporate finance

The Camino Real Landfill was required to install a plastic liner to prevent leachate from migrating into the groundwater. The fill area was 50,000 square meters, and the installed liner cost was $8 per square meter. To recover the investment, the owner charged $10 for pickup loads, $25 for dump truck loads, and $70 for compactor truck loads.

If the monthly distribution is 200 pickup loads, 50 dump truck loads, and 100 compactor truck loads, what rate of return will the landfill owner make on the investment if the fill area is adequate for 4 years?

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Corporate finance
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A small industrial contractor purchased a warehouse building for storing equipment and materials that are not immediately needed at construction job sites. The cost of the building was $100,000, and the contractor made an agreement with the seller to finance the purchase over a 5-year period. The agreement stated that monthly payments would be made based on a 30- year amortization, but the balance owed at the end of year 5 would be paid in a lumpsum balloon payment.

What was the size of the balloon payment if the interest rate on the loan was 6% per year, compounded monthly?

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