Conversion and Revival

After reading Charles Finney’s lecture entitled, “What a Revival of Religion Is,”summarize and respond to this session’s presentation material in a roughly two-page paper. Highlight key points, and apply the insights you have gained from the experience of the early nineteenth-century American church to your own life and church experience.

Specifically, for each presentation, you should write one full paragraph that summarizes the overall point(s) of the lecture, with enough detail to demonstrate that you’ve thoughtfully listened to the lecture. For each lecture, also write one paragraph of response as well, expanding on any point that you found interesting, inspiring, or thought-provoking. Demonstrate in your response paragraphs how the church’s experience in the early nineteenth century relates to your own life, your own church experience, Scripture, and today’s world. Format your paper in APA style. For more specific APA information, please refer to the APA Requirements module located on the left sidebar. If other materials are referenced, they should be properly cited.


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