Consumer Behaviour

Describe two situations in which you served as an opinion leader and two situations in which you sought consumption-related advice or information from an opinion leader. Indicate your relationship to the persons with whom you interacted. Are the circumstances during which you engaged in word-of-mouth communications consistent with those described in the text? Explain.

With a paper and pencil, spend one hour watching a network television channel during prime time. Record the total number of commercials that aired. For each commercial that used a celebrity endorser, record the celebrity’s name, the product or service advertised, and whether the celebrity was used in a testimonial, as an endorser, as an actor, or as a spokesperson.

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Consumer Behaviour
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Amazon has introduced a new e-book reader that is more expensive than previous models but has many more features.

How can the company use the adopter categories in marketing this product?

Prepare a list of negative rumors that you (or your friends) have heard recently about a company or a product.

You are the marketing vice president of a large soft-drink company. Your company’s advertising agency is in the process of negotiating a contract to employ a superstar female singer to promote its product.

Discuss the reference group factors that you would consider before the celebrity is hired.


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