Consumer Behaviour

Describe Google’s role in advertising online. List and describe two advantages and two disadvantages of mobile advertising.

Describe how one’s age impacts marketers’ targeting using mobile media.

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Consumer Behaviour
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Why is it more difficult to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on social media than assess the results of advertising on traditional media?

What are the implications of social media for consumer behavior?

How do marketers enhance consumer engagement with their offerings using social media?

List and describe social media’s channels and illustrate how marketers use them for advertising.

Describe how marketers can use Twitter effectively.

Watch an hour-long TV program and its commercials, without writing any notes. A day later, list all the commercials you can recall seeing.

For each commercial, identify:

(a) the message framing approach used

(b) whether the message was one-sided or two-sided.

Discuss what you had remembered in the context of selective exposure and psychological noise.

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