Consumer Behaviour

Find two print advertisements—one illustrating a one-sided message and the other a two-sided message. Which of the measures discussed in this chapter would you use to evaluate the effectiveness of each ad? Explain your answers.

Find print ads using each of the following advertising appeals: fear, sex, and humor. Discuss their effectiveness and persuasive value in class.

How is communications feedback related to the measurement of persuasion and sales effects? A marketer of a new car model launched through commercials during the Super Bowl intends to use attitudinal measures, as well as day-after recall tests, to estimate the commercials’ effectiveness. How should the company do so?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using humor in advertising?

Why must marketers use fear appeals in advertising cautiously?

How can they do so? Do sexual appeals work better than other appeals? Explain your answer and illustrate with examples.


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