Consumer Behaviour

Which of the five stages of the family life cycle constitutes the most lucrative segment for each of the following products and services: (a) TV cable subscriptions, (b) Club Med vacation, (c) Domino’s Pizza, (d) iPods, (e) mutual funds, and (f) the fastest internet access available in one’s location? Explain your answers.

Under what circumstances would you expect income to be a better predictor of consumer behavior than a composite measure of social class?

When would you expect the composite social-class measure to be superior?

Why do marketing researchers use objective, rather than subjective, measures of social class?

Which status-related variable—occupation, education, or income—is the most appropriate segmentation base for: (a) family vacations, (b) opera subscriptions, (c) subscribing to, (d) shopping at Whole Foods supermarkets, (e) buying from, (f) purchasing new models of the iPhone, and (g) becoming a member of a 24-hour fitness center?


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