Consumer Behaviour

Because attitudes are learned predispositions to respond in particular ways, why don’t marketers measure only purchase behavior and ignore attitudes?

How can the marketer of a “nicotine patch” (a device that assists individuals to quit smoking) use the theory of trying to consume? Using this theory, identify two segments of smokers that the marketer should target and explain how to do so.

Visit a supermarket. Can you identify any packages where you think the marketer’s knowledge of stimulus generalization or stimulus discrimination was incorporated into the package design? Note these examples and present them in class.

Find two ads: one targeting the left side of the brain and another targeting the right side. Explain your choices.

Imagine that you are the instructor of this course and that you are trying to increase student participation in class discussions.

How would you use reinforcement to achieve your objective?

Explain how situational factors influence the degree of consistency between attitudes and behavior.


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