Consumer Behaviour

What is the relationship between brand loyalty and brand equity?

What role do both concepts play in the development of marketing strategies?

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Consumer Behaviour
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How can marketers use measures of recognition and recall to study the extent of consumer learning?

Explain a person’s attitude toward visiting Disney World in terms of the tri-component attitude model.

Define the following memory structures: Sensory store, short term store (working memory), and long-term store.

Discuss how each of these concepts can be used in the development of an advertising strategy.

How does information overload affect the consumer’s ability to comprehend an ad and store it in her or his memory?

Apply the concepts that address consumers’ perceptions of service quality to evaluate this course at this point.

How can the principles of (a) classical conditioning and (b) instrumental conditioning be applied to the development of marketing strategies?

Describe in learning terms the conditions under which family branding is a good policy and those under which it is not.

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