Consumer Behaviour

1.   Think of the last piece of clothing you bought. Trace the origins of this piece of clothing through the cultural production system. How did it end up at the store?

2 . Some consumers complain that they are ‘at the mercy’ of designers: they are forced to buy whatever styles are in fashion because nothing else is available. Do you agree that there is such a thing as a ‘designer conspiracy’?

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Consumer Behaviour
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3. How has the internet contributed in democratising the cultural production process?

1.   What is the difference between an art and a craft? Where would you characterise advertising within this framework?

2.   Think about some innovative products that you can remember, but which disappeared. Try to reflect on the reasons why these innovations failed.

3.   Then try to remember some successful innovations. What characteristics made them successful? Do the successes and failures fit with the criteria mentioned in this chapter?

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