Consumer Behaviour

1. What is a brand community, and why is it of interest to marketers?

2. Evaluate the strategic soundness of the concept of guerrilla marketing. for what types of product categories is this strategy most likely to be a success?

3. Discuss some factors that determine the amount of conformity likely to be observed among consumers.

1. Define de-individuation. Does de-individuation cause binge drinking? what can or should be done to discourage this type of behaviour?

2. What is the risky shift? how does this affect going shopping with friends? See if you can demonstrate risky shift. Get a group of friends together and ask each privately to rate the likelihood, on a scale from 1 to 7, that they would try a controversial new product (e.g. a credit card that works with a chip implanted in a person’s wrist). Then ask the group to discuss the product and rate the idea again. if the average rating changes from the first rating, you have just observed a risky shift.



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