Consumer Behaviour

1. List three product attributes that can be used as quality signals and provide an example of each.

2. Explain the ‘evoked set’. Why is it difficult to place a product in a consumer’s evoked set after it has already been rejected? What strategies might a marketer use in an attempt to accomplish this goal?

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Consumer Behaviour
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3. How does a brand function as a heuristic?

4. Discuss two different non-compensatory decision rules and highlight the difference(s) between them. how might the use of one rule versus another result in a different product choice?

1.   Why would a marketer consider saying negative things about their product? When is this strategy feasible? can you find examples of it?

2.   create a list of celebrities who match up with products in your country.

What are the elements of the celebrities and products that make for a ‘good match’? Why?

Which celebrities have a global or european-wide appeal, and why?


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