Consumer Behaviour

The coca-cola company pulled a uK internet promotion campaign after parents accused it of targeting children by using references to a notorious pornographic movie. as part of its efforts to reach young social media users for its dr Pepper brand, the company took over consenting users’ facebook status boxes. Then, the company would post mildly embarrassing questions such as ‘Lost my special blankie. how will i go sleepies?’, and ‘What’s wrong with peeing in the shower?’. But when a parent discovered that her 14-year-old daughter’s profile had been updated with a message that directly referred to a hardcore porn film, the plan backfired and coke had to pull the promotion.

What does it take to get the attention of jaded young people, who get exposed to all kinds of messages in cyberspace?

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Consumer Behaviour
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What guidelines (if any) should marketers follow when they try to talk to young people on social media platforms?

A government agency wants to encourage the use of designated drivers by people who have been drinking.

What advice could you give the organisation about constructing persuasive communications?

Discuss some factors that might be important, including the structure of the communications, where they should appear, and who should deliver them. should fear appeals be used, and if so, how?

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