Consumer Behaviour

1   Identify three patterns of reinforcement and provide an example of how each is used in a marketing context.

2   Describe the functions of short-term and longterm memory.

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Consumer Behaviour
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What is the apparent relationship between the two?

3   Devise a ‘product jingle memory test’. Compile a list of brands that are or have been associated with memorable jingles, such as Opal Fruits or Heinz Baked Beans. Read this list to friends, and see how many jingles are remembered. You may be surprised at the level of recall.

1.   There are, of course, people of most lifestyle types in all European countries, but their numbers vary. Try to determine which lifestyles are the most common in some European countries that you know.

2.   Extreme sports. chat rooms. Vegetarianism. can you predict what will be ‘hot’ in the near future?

Identify a lifestyle trend that is just surfacing in your universe.

Describe this trend in detail, and justify your prediction. What specific styles and/ or products are part of this trend?

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