Consumer Behaviour

1.   What is consumer involvement? give examples of the three types of consumer involvement. How do these types of involvement relate to motivation?

2. ‘High involvement is just a fancy term for expensive’. Do you agree?

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Consumer Behaviour
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3.   Describe how a man’s level of involvement with his car would affect how he is influenced by different marketing stimuli. How might you design a strategy for a line of car batteries for a segment of low-involvement consumers, and how would this strategy differ from your attempts to reach a segment

1. Collect a sample of ads that appeals to consumers’ values. What value is being communicated in each ad, and how is this done? Is this an effective approach to designing a marketing communication?

2. ‘University students’ concerns about ethics, sustainability, the environment, carbon footprints, genetically modified foods and vegetarianism are just passing fads; a way to look cool’. Do you agree?

3.   Describe at least two alternative techniques marketing researchers have used to measure values. What might be the cultural issues to be considered when applying these techniques?

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