Consumer Behaviour

1. Find one ad that is rich in symbolism and perform a semiotic analysis of it. Identify each type of sign used in the ad and the product qualities being communicated by each. Comment on the effectiveness of the signs that are used to communicate the intended message.

2. Using magazines archived in the library, track the packaging of a specific brand over time. Find an example of gradual changes in package design that may have been below the JND.

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Consumer Behaviour
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1. Assume that you are a consultant for a marketer who wants to design a package for a new premium chocolate bar targeted to an affluent market.

What recommendations would you provide in terms of such package elements as colour, symbolism and graphic design? Give the reasons for your suggestions.

2. Do you believe that marketers have the right to use any or all public spaces to deliver product messages?

Where would you draw the line in terms of places and products that should be restricted?

Interview people who are selling items at a flea market or garage sale. Ask them to identify some items to which they had a strong attachment. then, see if you can prompt them to describe one or more divestment rituals they went through as they prepared to offer these items for sale.

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