Consumer Behaviour

The store environment is heating up as more and more companies put their promotional resources into point-of-purchase efforts. shoppers are now confronted by videos at the check-out, computer monitors attached to their shopping trolleys, and so on. Place-based media expose us to ads in non-shopping environments.

Do you feel that these innovations are unacceptably intrusive?

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Consumer Behaviour
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At what point might shoppers rebel and demand some peace while shopping?

Do you see any market potential in the future for stores that ‘counter-market’ by promising a ‘hands-off’ shopping environment?

Try to consider some of your own patterns and behaviour in the light of the different types of consumption practices: experience, integration, play and class

Try to consider your personal relationship to brands. Select one that you are absolutely positive about. how would you characterise your relationship to that brand? And then one you are absolutely negative about; what is your relationship to that? Which personal and cultural factors might explain your brand relationships?

ification. What do you conclude?

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