Consumer Behaviour

Find a spectacular consumption environment and examine how consumers’ play is encouraged and constrained by producers. How is technology used by producers and consumers in this environment to create and alter the sense of reality and space in this spectacular environment? If you don’t have a spectacular consumption environment near you, consider these questions (and the associated research findings) about the co-creation of meaning between producers and consumers within the context of the online world, e.g. computer games.

Collect ads for five different brands of the same product. Report on the segmentation variables, target markets and emphasised product attributes in each ad.

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Consumer Behaviour
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Select a product and brand that you use frequently and list what you consider to be the brand’s determinant attributes. Without revealing your list, ask a friend who is approximately the same age but of the opposite sex to make a similar list for the same product (the brand may be different).

Compare and contrast the identified attributes and report your findings.

State the differences between the positivist and interpretivist approaches to consumer research. For each type of inquiry, give examples of product dimensions that would be more usefully explored using that type of research over the other.

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