Consumer Behaviour

What aspects of consumer behaviour are likely to be of interest to a financial planner? To a university administrator? To a graphic arts designer? To a social worker in a government agency? To a nursing instructor?

Although demographic information on large numbers of consumers is used in many marketing contexts, some people believe that the sale of data on customers’ incomes, buying habits and so on constitutes an invasion of privacy and should be banned. Comment on this issue from both a consumer’s and a marketer’s point of view.

Name some products or services that are widely used by your social group. State whether you agree or disagree with the notion that these

products help to form bonds within the group, and support your argument with examples from your list of products used by the group

Some researchers believe that the field of consumer behaviour should be a pure, rather than an applied, science. That is, research issues should be framed in terms of their scientific interest rather than their applicability to immediate marketing problems. Do you agree?


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