Consumer Behaviour

Visit the news section at Select three of the press releases featured there (other than those discussed in this chapter) and illustrate how they depict the unethical applications of learning or perception in targeting children. Based on the discussion of focus groups and depth interviews, develop a discussion guide for studying college students’ reactions to their brand and model of cell phone.

Online, find three examples of advertising embedded within entertainment content and discuss them. Compile a list of consumption behaviors that you consider unethical. For each behavior listed, explain why you view it as wrong. Also, for each behavior listed, discuss the possible reasons a person engaging in that practice may use to justify it.

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Consumer Behaviour
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Find, and discuss ads that depict each of the following:

a. Exploitive targeting of children

b. Overaggressive advertising

c. Direct-to-consumer advertising of pharmaceuticals

d. Cause-related marketing

e. Societal marketing by a not-for-profit group

f. Societal marketing by a for-profit company

g. Socially undesirable representation

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