Consumer Behaviour

Identify five friends who have recently purchased a new smartphone (with some features that they consider to be “new”). Interview each person and ask him or her:

a. Why did you select this phone over other smartphones that you were looking at or considering?

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Consumer Behaviour
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b. Do you currently like the phone for the same reasons that caused you to purchase it, or have you found additional reasons?

c. What improvements would you recommend for the next model?

d. After you are finished, get together with other students and discuss what you have found. Look for similarities and differences.

List three colleges that you considered when choosing which college or university to attend and the criteria that you used to evaluate them.

Describe how you acquired information on the different colleges along the different attributes that were important to you and how you made your decision. Be sure to specify whether you used compensatory or noncompensatory decision rules.

Describe the need recognition process that took place before you purchased your last can of soft drink. How did it differ from the process that preceded the purchase of a new pair of sneakers?

What role, if any, did advertising play in your need recognition? Why is it important to study consumer ethics?


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