Consumer Behaviour

Sony is introducing a 65” Ultra HD TV that has a higher screen resolution than other TVs and advanced signal processing. The TV’s introductory price is $10,000.

a. Who should be Sony’s initial target market? What are the target consumers’ demographics and psychographics?

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Consumer Behaviour
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b. How would you identify the innovators for this product?

c. Is the new model a continuous, dynamically continuous, or discontinuous innovation? Explain your answer.

How can Apple use its knowledge of customers’ expectations in designing a marketing strategy for a new iPad?

How do consumers reduce post-purchase dissonance?

How can marketers provide positive reinforcement to consumers after the purchase to reduce dissonance?

Looking at the charts presented and/or select a product that members of a particular nation consume very lightly. Research the country’s culture and geographic location and describe why they are light users of the product selected.

Have you ever traveled outside the United States? If you have, identify some of the differences in values, behavior, and consumption patterns that you noted between people in a country you visited and Americans.

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