Consumer Behaviour

In an effort to get her students to read books during the summer vacation from school, Mrs. Steen, the third grade teacher, wrote a behavioral contract with each student in the class on the last day of class before summer vacation. In the contract, each student agreed to read six books during the 3 months of summer vacation. Mrs. Steen got local fast food restaurants to donate coupons for use as rewards in the contracts. The contract said that if students read the six books for the summer, they would receive a booklet of fast food coupons when they returned to school in the fall.

Describe the ways that Mrs. Steen could measure the target behavior (reading six books) to determine whether the children had earned the fast food coupons.

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Consumer Behaviour
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Jesse has a fear of heights. Whenever he looks out a window that is two stories or more above the ground, he experiences autonomic arousal. The higher he goes, the worse it gets. Jesse avoids heights as much as possible, and this has had a negative impact on his life. For example, when his friends got together recently at a seventh-floor restaurant, he declined to go out with them because of his fear. He has also refused to participate in other activities that involve heights.

Describe how you would use in vivo desensitization to help Jesse overcome his fear of heights.


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